Patting Therapy

Patting or slapping – a simple but effective way to help the body self-heal

Patting and stretching is a simple and effective technique any of us can do ourself to mobilize our body’s self-healing power to relieve pain and restore health from diseases /disorders.  This therapy has helped thousands of people fight almost any disease from common cold to cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

Please read carefully  to understand the principle of this therapy. Though  simple it  will be not be effective if it is done not long enough, not intense enough, lack of rhythm and attention. 

Brief background

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our body is created with a system of meridians or a network of energy/blood channels that regulates the body functions and its self-healing process. If any of these channels is blocked, nutrients/ blood and energy can not be transported adequately to some part or some organ of the body. The result is pain, disorders and dysfunction somewhere in the body. Acupoints are the entrances through which Qi-Blood come in or go out of the meridian channels . For 365 acupoints on 14 meridians, there are 365 subcollaterals linked to the 14 meridian channels. The joints between the subcollaterals and meridians are  the location of acupoints (Zang, Wang & Fluxe, 2015). If an entrance is shut for some reason the flow of Qi/Blood through that acupoint stops, causing pain and disorders in some place in the body. Patting relaxes surrounding muscles, stimulates acupoints to open the entrances for QI /Blood flow and also sends energy in sound wave form to clear blockages in passing and nearby meridians, thus relieving pain and facilitating the self-healing process.

The existence of these meridians have been verified by the evidence around the effectiveness of acupuncture and the revelation of  the acupuncture meridian structure  by biophotonics in the infrared spectral range  (Schlebusc, Maric-Oehler & Popp, 2005).  Below are pictures bladder meridians, when moxibustion is applied to one of its acupoints on each side.

Studies  had been conducted to find out what made the meridians different from the surrounding areas (Zang, Wang & Fluxe, 2015). Researchers found out that

  • Meridians (or energy flow channels) have a lower hydraulic resistance than the surrounding areas. Interstitial fluid (IF) therefore will move towards the meridians from both sides and flow along the meridians.
  • Meridians  have impedance lower than the surrounding areas.
  • Transmission of sound waves is better along meridians.
  • There is a lower IF pressure in low hydraulic resistance  channels (LHRC) and “a pressure gradient toward LHRC along the meridians  causing a dynamic source of convergent flow of IF toward the meridians. “
  • There is ability to transport of water and glucose along meridians
  •  Meridians can be blocked by very high hydraulic resistance substances.
  • Pain threshold is lower where a meridian is blocked.
  • Muscle contraction obstructs energy (Qi) flow in the meridian channel (s) passing close by .
  • When interstitial fluid (IF) is well circulated, the body can quickly eliminate acids and metabolites, creating a stasis of milieu interne.
  • The “Qi”or energy flow in meridian system  is considered by research scientists as corresponding  to IF.

How to pat :

  • Use your hands if possible. However, depending on the areas of ​​the body, fingers, palm, karate chop or fists can be used.
  • Pat rhythmically, not too fast, nor too slow.
  • The intensity depends how you feel. Do not be too strong to hurt and cause discomfort. It should not be too soft that we can’t hear nor feel the impact . In fact patting helps relax muscles and joints, so we often feel comfortable with tolerable patting. However,  the more intense the patting, the faster the meridians are cleared and the faster comes pain relief.
  • You should pat at least 3 minutes in the same place  but the duration can be up to 30 minutes if needed, such as for knee arthritic pain.

Please see the following videos to see how patting is done:

Please click paida flyer for summary of patting instructions

Advantages :

Widely effective : Patting  stimulates many acupuncture points and meridians at the same time.

Simple : Everyone can pat most major areas where many main meridians pass through  such as the head, face, elbows, shoulders, neck, limbs, knees, feet, chest, abdomen, thighs … If there are two people patting, they can  pat each other’s back.


No tools or instruments are needed

No medicine needed

Convenient for everyone . We can pat  any time during the day, as long as we  want and  as intense as we feel comfortable with.


Patting long enough unblocks the  meridians . However, along the process  patting relaxes our muscles, warms our body, and boosts our energy  by increasing the circulation of blood, lymph and nutrients. Patting our head helps clear the mind, lighten the head,  improve memory and if patting is diligently done every day, our hair can restore its youthful growth and color.

My grand daughter has suffered convulsions, spasm and limb stiffness for 10 years. Seeing her having seizures every day during her sleep is a daily emotional pain for us. We started  moderate patting  twice a day on her. It was not long before she no longer or rarely has convulsion during sleep.  She becomes more relaxed, happier and able to laugh the whole day every day. After 2 months, her chronic constipation is resolved, no more laxative is needed.

Prior to Christmas, 2017, my son-in-law, Adam, called to say that he had won a double tennis tournament thanks to patting his head during game breaks.  His team lost 5-2 in the final set and Adam saw no hope of a turning around because his head felt too tired/heavy. But remembering the  benefits of patting therapy that I told him a few days before, Adam started patting his head  during the breaks (about 1 minute 30 seconds each). Back to the court, Adam said that his head felt light and that he felt reinvigorated. His  team won the set  8-6 and  the club’s double tennis prize.

Patting/stretching workshops have been held in more than 60 countries over the past eight years with great success. Its effectiveness has been monitored and scientifically measured. People with diabetes, for example, who have a 4-7 day history of diabetes, were assessed before and after this therapy. You can read the reports on these workshops here : (November 2017 in Hong Kong)

  • Help treat prostate cancer (Prostate Cancer): (October 2016)
  • Also, according to the articles and videos shared by many people on the site, patting/stretching has helped them successfully fight the following symptoms: seasickness,  diarrhea, nausea, insomnia, headache, depression, bipolar, bloating, arthritis , back pain, leg pain, hip pain, sciatica, swelling of limbs, varicose veins , osteonecrosis , hair loss, obesity, constipation, stiffness, measles (rubella), hearing impairment, breast cancer, lung cancer, urinary tract infection, end-stage lung cancer, dysuria , stroke, night sweating, blurred vision, Alzheimer’s (recovery of memory for an 88-year-old and a 95-year-old with Alzheimer’s here – , cardiovascular disorders, heat attacks :

Many people succeeded in avoiding knee replacement or spine operations thanks to patting and stretching.

It seems that patting /stretching therapy can help prevent and reverse  any health disorder.

According to Hongchi Xiao, there is no mystery about that because human beings are created  with a meridians network for perfect self-healing and self-regulation. Just because the environment, foods, drinks – including chemical medicines – and greed, hatred, stressful lifestyle impair this self-healing system, diseases are not healed. What we need to do is to help clear blockages in the meridians to restore the body’s self-healing system. In other words,  patting/stretching does not cure anything, it only help restore the body’s self-healing apparatus.

Principles of self-patting:

According to the meridian theory, the Heart is the main meridian of the body . Peace of mind, loving heart, loving heart, open mindedness, humility, thankfulness … will help relax muscles and nerves in the body thus facilitating unblocking the meridians.

So, for effective patting, we need to

Pat whole-heartedly . “It involves confidence, concentration and perseverance”.  With positive belief in the therapy, “you will stay focused and persist in the practice ” If you are skeptical and affected by negative thoughts, the effect will be reduced or lost.

Close your eyes and pat silently to make it easier to clear your mind and focus on patting. You will avoid distractions and temptation to chat with others. Generated energy waves will flow through the meridians without disruption.

Understand the concept of self healing  through the meridians

Repent whole-heartedly. Ask for forgiveness from  family members -including yourself, friends and others, dead or alive, you have hurt by your words or deeds. If we keep on complaining after falling ill, “the negativity will grow stronger and the condition will worsen”. On the other hand, sincere repentance will bring out the positive power and greatly enhance the healing .

Be grateful . First for the pains and illness symptoms as they are kind reminders that something in your  diet, habits, thoughts are not right for your body. Secondly give thanks to the Creator who created everything, specifically you and be grateful to your body. Thirdly be grateful to those around you and your “country for nurturing you. Fourthly be grateful to people, alive or dead, who have helped and cared for you”. And be grateful to those who are against you (enemies) and “who have hurt you for they are indispensable  for your maturity/ growth as a person. If there is still hatred and resentment in you, the seed of illness” is still there.  “Gratitude is the best way to clear up negativity” (Hongchi Xiao)

Pay attention to breathing. Breathe deeply.  Inhale through your nose imagining you are drawing in clean positive energy, purity, humility, love , compassion. Hold your breath 3-60 seconds, exhale rapidly through your mouth imagining you are blowing away impure thoughts, arrogance, jealousy, greed, selfishness, anger.. from your body and soul.

Principles or mutual patting

  1. Pat with a caring heart, a positive mindset and hope for the recipient’s fast recovery.
  2. Both need to relax physically and psychologically.
  3. Pay attention to the recipient’s words, actions, expressions in the eyes and on the face in order to fully understand the needs, feelings, concerns of the recipient.
  4. Do not talk while patting to preserve energy (It s best with closed eyes)
  5. Always start with gentle patting before gradually  increasing the intensity and make sure the intensity is within the recipient’s tolerance.
  6. Never force heavy patting on the recipient to avoid frightening the recipient and reducing the healing effect. “Gentle patting can produce the same or even better healing effect if you pat with love and long enough.” (Hongchi Xiao)
  7. Recipients should communicate and cooperate with the person who performs patting, show  gratitude and repentance to the body and take the pain and discomforts as kind built-in reminders from the Creator.


If you have long-term illness, it takes time and perseverance to get results. Hongchi Xiao usually conducts 4 to 7-day intensive workshops for people with chronic illness. However, if it takes 4-7 days to be freed from chronic disease, it is worth doing. Taking a 4-7 days holiday for patting therapy is probably the best solution, as it keeps away work stress, house chore stress and  creates good environment for the body to heal itself.

Purple, black spots on the thighs can confuse  people around you. We often have to explain sometimes difficult for people to understand. (The picture below shows bruise-like patches when the meridians are blocked for many years – chronic conditions .)

If we apply it to our children and grandchildren, many people think they have been abused or beaten by parents. It is not easy to  explain and  convince those who believe only in conventional  medicine. It may be better to pat long enough for the discoloured patches to clear away.


There may be  healing crisis or healing reactions – which can be a very common, where the symptoms get worse before improving. This is normal indicating that the therapy works.  When I applied patting therapy on Natalie hoping to stop epilepsy in her sleep,she actually had more seizures  in the first few nights.  But  I kept on patting and she rarely has seizures during sleep since then.

Patting is prohibited in the following cases 

  • Those who are prone to bleed easily or those with blood disorder
  • Those with skin trauma and/or festered skin with bodily fluid on it..
  • Avoid patting the eyes of those with retinal detachment
  • Avoid patting on body parts with open wounds and/or fractured bones


  • Avoid wind and chills during patting.
  • Drink some warm water before, during and after patting to avoid  dehydration, fatigue or dizziness, and increase metabolism. It is best to drink ginger and red date tea.
  • Avoid bathing or shower after patting.
  • When discoloured skin patch appears, it is best to continue patting until it comes out thoroughly and then disappear.
  • Do not stop or reduce prescribed medication if you have not consulted with your physician and got their consent. Not following this recommendation can lead to fatal consequences. This happened to a family in Australia who took their six-year-old son to a Sydney patting workshop in 2015. Having a type 1 diabetes and not allowed to take foods  nor  insulin for a few days, the boy  fell into coma and died as a result.

Patting for chronic diseases

  • Symptoms of chronic illness  relate  to all internal organs and blockages of all 14 meridians.  Therefore, it is best not to pay attention to the name of the disease, but to find ways to unblock  the whole meridian network  for the body to self heal.
  • Basically for all chronic illnesses (or symptoms) patting  should be done over 4 universal regions and the head, i.e the elbows, the hands , the knees, the  feet and the head. 
  •  Patting the head helps effectively relieve headaches, insomnia, ear, nose and throat diseases (5 sense organs), cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s. Because all the meridians relating to the internal organs end in the head, for instance the liver meridian ends at the eyes, kidney meridians at the ears, lung meridians at the nose, spleen meridian at the mouth and the heart meridian at the tongue.
  • Equally important is the fact that  the two most important meridians – Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel meridians-  end  on the head. These two meridians regulate the nerves, spinal cord and regulate the yin-yang throughout the body. Patting over these two is therefore very beneficial for people with neurological disorders and spinal stiffness.
  • The armpits and groin are two of the weakest parts of the body where  cold air, toxins and waste tend to accumulate causing chronic illness. Patting these areas to internally clean up these unwanted substances will help the body heal itself more quickly .

If you want to know which region to pat reduce specific symptoms, you  need to refer to the route of and acupoints on the meridians. Please visit ” Body meridians” page.



HongChia Xiao recommends that patting be (supported ) done with stretching . He combines patting and stretching into one therapy  called Paidalajin. That is, patting and stretching. The following page will give you clear instructions on how to stretch appropriately to relieve illnesses. Please click

Stretching flyer  to view

Healthy diet

  • Eat moderately 3 times a day or less. Avoid the habit of eating all the time and the habit of eating even when not hungry.
  • Do not eat to the full. It is best to eat no more than 70-80% of your stomach capacity.
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat less animal based foods
  • Eat more vegetables with wide variety and seasonally
  • Avoid taking medication,  as much as possible because drugs similar to processed foods are man made chemicals  which create more toxins when ingested. However you  must consult your doctors before stopping prescribed drugs.
Disclaimer :

This article is for information purpose only,  not to be taken as health or medical advice. The author is not responsible for any actions of the readers.


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