Amazing tamarind for diabetes and overall health

Sweet tamarind is a fruit that help lower blood sugar and protectshealth amazingly, including heart health, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation related diseases, arthritis, immunity, IBS, peptic ulcer, osteoporosis and weight loss.

On 12 Sept 2020, Dr Thanh (engineer), a member of pre 1975 Vietnamese Alumni of New Zealand, shared his unexpected experience of drinking juice made from sweet tamarind as follows:
“Four days ago I drank a glass of juice made from sweet tamarind. It tasted OK and I didn’t think much of it until I measured my blood sugar and noticed that the sugar level dropped to 96 from 140 mg/dL. I was shocked and began, instead of letting my fingers do the walking on the phome book, I let my mouse do the sliding on the internet, to learn more about the fruit. Being amazed at what I found, I decided to stay off the Metformin that I mornally took 2000mg/day, totally and took up tamarind juice in its place. My sugar level has average about 130 since.”

Another lady posted her comment on Mrs Hienvy’s facebook : “ I have given my husband tamarind juice for 3 days and the effect is really great, his blood sugar went down to 140, 130 and now 110 while previously it was 170 – 180 even with medication. Thank you so much.

That is wonderful news for those of us suffering from diabetes.
Research has confirmed that sweet tamarind have the benefits of lower blood sugar, boosting immune system, protecting the heart, preventing osteoporosis, lowering cholesterol and improving digestion.

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With all the benefits, it is possible that anyone who regularly eats sweet tamarind will always has good health. That is exactly what Mrs HienVy said 
“ I love sweet tamarind. I can eat a whole box at a time. May be that is why until this age (67) I have never taken any medicine”

Disclaimer: This article is for information purpose only. Please consult your physicians for all your health issues.