Do not fear Cancer

Do not fear cancer  -You can control it right away by changing diet.

Cancer is not a death sentence. Thousands and thousands of people have successfully survived all kinds of cancer just by changing diet and avoiding stress. Scientific research confirms the root cause of cancer is unhealthy diets with processed or unnatural foods and stress, which weaken the body immune system and feed uncontrollable growth of cancer cells. Research and survivors’ experience show that cancer can be stopped and reversed by avoiding sugar and sugary foods, by eating a wide variety of vegetables, by engaging in a detoxification process and by release of all types of stress.

In brief what is cancer

Cancer is a condition of having abnormal cells. Healthy cells often die after a certain time and are replaced by new ones. Cancer cells lose that trait so they do not die and keep on living. Every day there are 10 thousand to 100 thousand abnormal cells formed in the body but the responsibility of our immune system is to eradicate them. If the immune system is weak for some reason it does not kill the abnormal cells. The number of abnormal cells is on the increase causing tumours.

Cancer cells do not stay in one place. They invade and spread to various body organs . 90 percent of cancer patients do not die from the first tumour but die as a result of its metastasis.

Causes of cancer

One of the causes of cancer is bacteria, germs and parasites. The immune system is damaged when the body becomes infected. According to medical statistics in the United States, 18 percent of cancer is caused by infection, 23 percent is obesity, 41 percent is from environmental factors, 18 percent can be related to genetic factors. Obesity and environmental toxicity also damage the immune system. At the same time food, unhealthy lifestyles and toxic chemicals in the environment can unlock the genes that cause cancer. Using herbs to lock cancer genes is more powerful than killing cancer cells.

A survivor’s discovery

Brenda Michaels in her book, “The Gift of Cancer”, in seeking ways to permanently eradicate breast cancer considered cancer as a wakeup call. However she confessed that the first and second time diagnosed with cancer she did not perceive it like that. Until breast cancer returned the third time and the doctor told her she only had about one more year left that it was a wake up call. Twice before the surgeon told her that he removed all cancer cells, so she did not need chemotherapy or radiation. This time they told her it had metastasised, had to do chemotherapy, but dared not say how much longer she could live. Mrs. Brenda refused to do chemotherapy. She reviewed her life and asked why her body had cancer. The oncologist had no answer. She had to find and address the root cause of why her body became imbalanced to allow cancer cells to grow out of control.

She changed her diet and activities to eliminate toxins from the body, including harmful social and emotional relationships. She began to learn how to relax her body and soul, pray and care for the spiritual. When she changes her lifestyle from within, exposing her emotional problems, reflecting on why she was not happy, why she tried to please others, why she did not dare say “No” to others. She affirmed that healing from inner feelings to spirituality was necessary because emotional and spiritual states had a great influence on the body. Brenda treated her last-stage cancer herself with natural remedies and was healthy twenty-seven years later.

A doctor’s experience

If you know that cancer can be eradicated without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, there’s no need to panic. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers also considered the discovery of breast cancer as a wake-up call to a thorough review of her life. She confirmed she had to transform herself totally  from body, mind to spirit because if we continue to live the same way of life, the result stays the same. According to her, cancer itself is not a disease. It’s like the tip of an iceberg, meaning there is a lot of things underneath. Because we are sick we have cancer, not because we have cancer that we are sick. The body was sick and damaged. The immune system is weak. Toxins filled our bodies. We stressed out. The result is cancer or other chronic conditions. So do not believe and fear that when the cancer has arrived we can not escape. It is just a symptom of development over time. We are not victims of cancer. We have many abilities to  control cancer.

Then how can we control cancer ? Dr. Veronique Desaulniers did not use surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, but with natural remedies she controlled and addressed the root cause of breast cancer. She set up the following very simple”7 Essential Steps”  to help patients control cancer:

1. Let food be your medicine:

Why? Because food has a great effect on gene expression. It can provoke special genes to fight cancer. In other words, change your diet to eat healthy foods that boost the immune system and fight cancer. The first important scientific fact that people with cancer or wanting to prevent cancer need to know is about sugar.

According to Dr Desaulniers, sugar is the first food that cancer patients, especially breast cancer, must avoid. Sugar feeds cancer cells. Cancer cells have more insulin receptors than normal cells, so cancer cells are the first cells to absorb sugar. It’s not just cancer that likes sugar but most chronic diseases like sugar. Sugar can therefore be toxic for everyone, including damaging the immune system. Please note that white flour (refined) foods such as bread, white rice, noodles, pastries, potatoes, biscuits … and sweeteners are the sources of sugar you should avoid.

The second type of food we have to stop consuming to prevent cancer from spreading is fish and meat. Eating fish and meat makes the liver release IGF 1, which causes cancer cells to grow. Stop eating animal based foods will stop cancer cells from growing.

So, we can stop cancer by immediately stopping processed foods, sweet foods and animal-based foods. Conversely, eating more green vegetables will create an alkaline environment in the body and shrinks cancer tumours.

2. Detoxification .

Even though living in a toxic environment, we can still do many things to support the detoxification process in the body and prevent toxins from penetrating the body.

3. Balance your energy in the body through chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, exercise, proper sleep and hormone balance.

4. Healing the emotional wounds :

Learn how to look after yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself and forgive others. Handle stress situations better. Let go of the past because if you hold onto negative emotions inside, the result is cancer.

5. Check  dental health

Teeth affects health as they connect to the human meridian system. The poisonous amalgam fillings, if any, will be toxic to the body.

6. Find and use herbal supplements / supplements / vitamins especially those with depurative, anti-carcinogenic, immune enhancing properties.

7. Follow up prevention by using techniques to detect cancerous tumours (even when it is no bigger than a needle point) such as thermograms, blood tests for HCG hormones, TK1 enzymes … I think step 7  is not necessary when you have made the first 6 steps.

Doing the first six steps will restore health for the body, control and eliminate cancer, and we have no reason to fear cancer.