Information on naturopathic and holistic therapies for chronic and incurable diseases 

Welcome! It is wonderful that you want to take action to improve your health instead of totally relying on conventional physicians. Congratulations on taking interest in naturopathic medicine, which can help you restore and protect your health by changing  your diet and lifestyle.

It is always heartbroken to hear of people losing hope when they were diagnosed with cancer or alzheimer or any other diseases that are declared incurable by their doctors. Their health deteriorated quickly and they died a short time later. They took the diagnosis as a death sentence without seeking alternative natural therapies. It is understandable because they grew up believing their doctors know  best about health science. Little is known that the focus of most medical schools is to train doctors to treat disease symptoms with drugs and to tell them a disease is incurable if there are no drugs to cure it.

The mission of this site is to contribute to summarising and disseminating evidence-based, up-to-date information on naturopathic therapies, including natural food, herbal supplements, nutritional supplements to help you protect your health from chronic health conditions like cancer, memory loss, gout, rheumatism / joint disease, diabetes … that are declared incurable by conventional medicine. For example “Do not fear cancer“, “Diet against cancer“, “Detox practice”

You will be informed of various effective naturopathic therapies that have been researched and published in medical journals around the world. There are many websites on natural medicine. Many of them are for promoting sale of books, newsletters and natural medicine products. We do not sell products, but can recommend the most appropriate products and reliable suppliers when needed.

Please share with your friends and loved ones. By sharing information on this site you may save many lives.

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