About me

This is the story about what led me to studying naturopathy after retirement. It was all because I need skills to help people, to take care of the health of myself, my granddaughter, my family and friends and my desire to able to treat naturally the root causes of common chronic health disorders.

After retirement, I want to do some voluntary work. However, the search for suitable work for nearly a year failed. Few of enquiries were answered. Maybe because I am old. Only a few  organisations showed interest in my economic analysis skill. But fed up with writing economic analysis and reports  year after year I do not want that sort of voluntary work.

I realized that I had to learn a skill that is really helpful to people in need. Some specific circumstances led me back to school to study naturopathy.

First, I had had psoriasis since the age of 60. This disease is associated with many red, inflamed itchy patches over the body, some with thick white scales. Family doctor, skin specialists could not help much. They gave many kinds of skin lotions, but nothing worked. Only phototherapy  a few times a week was effective. But it cost a lot and the symptoms returned very soon after stopping the therapy. So after a year into retirement, my psoriasis got worse. I became severely allergic to common fruits like orange, avocado, strawberry, tomato … Frustrated, I searched  the internet for folk medicines or natural therapies for this nasty condition and started being  interested in natural therapies. At the same time, I noticed that too many people suffer chronic conditions such as rheumatism, diabetes, obesity, headache, asthma, stomach pain, cancer, obesity, hypertension, chronic fatigue, depression, psoriasis …. Prescribed drugs provide little relief for these conditions while causing heaps of adverse side effects. I wanted to know if there are any schools teaching natural therapies to provide real and effective help to people with such diseases.

Luckily,  there are several natural medicine schools in Auckland. And Wellpark College of Natural Therapies is only a 15 minute drive away. It has a Bachelor of Naturopathy course, which attracted me strongly with the following explanation:

“The foundation of naturopathy is that the body has built-in healing abilities. Instead of focusing on specific diseases, a naturopath focuses on the whole person, taking into account the physical, emotional, environmental, energetic and spiritual aspects of wellness.

A naturopath uses naturally occurring medicines to treat disorders, recommends dietary or lifestyle changes to help prevent disease and offer complimentary medical advice.”

By enrolling for a naturopathy course, I hope first to find a way to cure my psoriasis and then have a skill useful to people in need of good health. An equally important third reason relates to my granddaughter.

My first granddaughter had been sick for more than 3 years by the end of 2011. While active as a normal and happy child for 2 years and 7 months, she lost all her speech and movement abilities after a few days of viral infection.  It destroyed three-fourths of her brain. Without suitable care for her condition in the USA, her parents decided to bring her to New Zealand, following encouragement and arrangement from our family doctor. She spent nearly a year in Auckland children Starship hospital and Wilson home rehabilitation centre before we took her into our home.  To learn how to take good care of her was also an important reason for my strong interest in a naturopathy course.

The first day I went to Wellpark College, I met two students who were preparing an assignment about eczema. I told them about my problem with psoriasis. One of them introduced to me Dr Pagano’s book of  “Healing Psoriasis – The Natural Alternative. The Drug-Free Program That Really Works “. Pagano is a physician who specialises in chiropractic, but has spent decades researching and treating psoriasis. Doctor Panjwani, a medical doctor, wrote the introduction and confirmed the efficacy and scientific basis of Dr Pagano’s treatment program.

I went to the library to borrow the book. Pagano said the cause of psoriasis is associated with damaged digestive system and to treat psoriasis is to treat the digestive system. He affirmed that by following the programme with  diet,  herbal teas, lifestyle changes as recommended  in his book, the disease can disappear within 4 to 8 months. By the time my study began I had followed the treatment program for more than two months and the symptoms of psoriasis improved significantly. Itchy rash disappeared from my hands and back. Itchy scales on legs also significantly reduced. After 4 months, my skin disorder improved by 90 percent. However, the last 10 percent is hard  because of  the program’s strict requirements.  For example, it is strictly required to have a colonic several times a week, to take a wide range of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and to avoid eating shellfish, chilli and many other foods. However, it was the first case I experienced that treating the root cause of psoriasis with naturopathic therapy is much more effective than drugs and skin creams prescribed by  dermatologists.

To have time for my granddaughter and family, I enrolled part time for four years. As it turned out, I had to spend five years.

Thank God for leading me back to school to learn the wonder of his creation, especially the amazing human body and the abundant provision of nutrients it requires in nature. I give thanks also for having my heart problems detected during a Health Assessment Course, thus helping me avoid heart failures. And lastly I thank God for enabling me to do voluntary work of helping others. I do pray that this website is helpful to you and many others.

Nguyen Van Tu – Auckland 2017