A health professional’s personal experience with coconut oil

The following is quoted from the book ” Virgin Coconut Oil: Nature’s Miracle Medicine” by Bruce Fife, ND

I am a health professional and therefore not surprisingly I was abashed when I would see books about coconut oil. Until my own health problems begin. My thyroid levels were swinging around and not really high enough to be treated by most allopathic doctors.
I felt awful. My hair was falling out, my skin was so dry.  It itched and cracked. My cholesterol was up and so was my weight, ever so slowly with every passing month.
In addition My co workers were amazed at how I could function when I am constantly sick and on antibiotics. I was a mess at the fairly young age.
I did some of my own research and kept coming up with coconut oil. Then I found out your website (Coconut Research Centre ) and became more convinced as I accessed the journals presented.  I felt like what was I to lose ? 
Here is what happened after taking coconut oil for several months 
1. Weight has stopped increasing, it is starting to drop because I know longer crave sweets or simple carbs and have massive surge of energy which allows me to be more active.
2. cholesterol Dropped HDL [the good cholesterol] went way up (from 30 to almost 60)
3. my skin is beautiful I was having rosacea, now it is smooth and clear.  my legs feel as if I am a teenager they are so smooth. I even put coconut all around my eyes as a moisturiser. 
I love feeling my legs it is almost as if I have made  a discovery.  I cannot believe at my age my skin can be so soft and supple.
it’s almost like having a flashback on my teenage years! 
4. I’m not bloated anymore; my stomach not distended and my feet not hurting from not fitting in my shoes at the end of the day 
5 I feel iso much more energetic as if I was 10 years younger 
6. My hair is beautiful and silky and not falling out
7. I am hardly ever sick any more. When I and my kids are coming down with something, we up the coconut. We are better within a day 
8. my daughter was born with such extreme eczema she was constantly itching, even had patches mof scabs on her body and scalp. I have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive prescription steroid creams, which after few years stopped working. The doctor laughed at me when I mentioned it coconut oil. The proof is in the fact that my daughter skin is beautiful and flawless now , no itchy bumps, just beautiful baby skin. Even though she doesn’t like the taste of Coconut oil in her food she will eat it when I remind her of her skin problems.( she also is a very healthy weight).
9. No more monthly yeast infections 
10. Wounds heal very quickly when coconut oil is applied. It’s almost like magic 
11. My TSH levels are way down into the normal range (not even subclinical hyperthyroid any more ). wow! The first time in over 6  Years.

It took quite a long time before I noticed these changes (several months).  At first I gained weight and was very depressed by it all. I stuck with it. The health changes have been remarkable. simply remarkable. Coconut I has changed my life 
The only sad part is, when I mentioned this to my colleagues or friends, I still get glazed over looks of disinterest and disbelief or outright gasps of horror with a refusal to listen to anymore of it.

Author: Nguyễn Văn Tư

Certified naturopath started and completed Bachelor of Naturopathy after retirement to provide out of love services to people with chronic disorders.

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